Boundary House Medical Centre

Repeat prescriptions

Order your repeat prescription here

Requests for repeat prescriptions which have already been authorised by a doctor can be made using our Patient Access Service. You will require a PIN Number and password for this service. This will require you to bring ID (photo ID and confirmation of address) to enable us to give you your access code. This is to ensure your data is protected and can only be accessed by you. Please visit surgery and request your Patient Access PIN Number.

  1. You can use a Pharmacy/Chemist to order your prescriptions
  2. You can also use the ‘computer printout’ attached to your prescription. Please ensure you allow 48 hours for collection or include SAE, if postal return required.
  3. For ‘unauthorised items (these are items that are not on your printed prescription) you will need to make an appointment to see the doctor as you cannot use this service for that medication.
  4. We are unable to accept repeat requests for WARFARIN or CONTRACEPTIVE PILLS via this service, please ring the surgery to order these medications

The prescription can then be:

  1. Collected from a Chemist of your choice (If you require your prescription to go to a branch of Boots Chemist for collection then you must telephone the relevant branch of Boots and request that they collect the script from the surgery)
  2. Picked up from the surgery

You can expect your medication to be reviewed regularly. If you have not had a review in the past 12 months please make an appointment to see a G.P.

When patients are asked to give 48 hours notice for repeat prescriptions, please give us this time as it is to allow for accurate prescribing.

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 20th September, 2019